The Riyadh Development Authority is the organizational, planning, executive and coordinating body responsible for the development of Riyadh. It was established by a cabinet decision (No. 717) on 20 June, 1974 (29/05/1394H) as a supreme authority chaired by HRH Governor of Riyadh, whose deputy is HRH Deputy Governor of Riyadh. The RDA is membered by representatives of the concerned government bodies and authorities, including Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy and Planning, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Water and Electricity, Ministry of Communications and Information, Ministry of Transport, Riyadh Municipality, Saudi Electricity Company, private sector represented by Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry‎, and city residents represented by three members.

Our objectives include the comprehensive urban, economic, social and cultural development of Riyadh, handling the issues related to environment management and protection, and providing the city with the necessary public services and utilities.

The RDA came into existence in response to the will of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Cabinet to establish a body responsible for orchestration, supervision and planning of the metropolitan development strategy according to the latest standards adopted worldwide. The RDA provides all the bodies working in the city with a common ground from where their works can take off.

The RDA is dedicated to boosting efficient satisfaction of the city needs, coordinating works of the concerned bodies, bridging any organizational gaps, handling setbacks, and addressing the critical and ramified issues difficult to be addressed by a single authority.

Accordingly, the RDA acts as a supreme authority involving all the public and private sector bodies working in Riyadh together with representatives of the city residents to act as unified command for all metropolitan development activities. 
Missions and competencies
Missions and competencies of the RDA could be summarized in the following points:

Carry out the strategic urban planning

Implement exceptional metropolitan development programs 

Handle urban management and operation 

Coordinate and follow up on metropolitan development programs carried out by government bodies

Carry out the strategic metropolitan studies

Manage Riyadh Urban Information System

Carry out the architectural projects needed by the different government bodies in the city

Some metropolitan development programs require multiple roles including planning, execution, operation, coordination and follow-up; while in some cases the RDA's role is limited to any of these missions or even changes throughout the different phases of projects. 
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